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Nancy J. Pigno, LMT, MA, CYT 



I am closing my massage practice at the end of June 2014 in order to embark on a new career chapter.  In a sense, I am returning home as I have taken a job as a dance teacher at a brand new elementary school.  Dance education was my first field and the opportunity to teach dance full-time to young children was too exciting to pass up.


I wanted to get the word out and to also thank all of you.  My favorite part of being an LMT has been my clients.  I will miss seeing you.


I still plan to teach my Mindful Movement and Meditation classes.  And I will be offering creativity workshops and coaching as well.  The Mindful Movement and Meditation classes are very gentle and offer many strategies for dealing with stress.  



I wish you all the best and hope that our paths cross again.


Wishing You Balance,





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